The commercial space age is here. On 30 May 2020, SpaceX became the first commercial company to successfully launch humans into orbit. Since then, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin have flown civilians to suborbital space aboard their rocket-powered crafts. Many others such as World View, Space Perspective, CAS Space and Zero 2 Infinity are in pursuit, already selling or accepting reservations for spaceflight tickets.

Cryptojet is not an aerospace manufacturer. Neither is it a spaceflight company. Cryptojet is a liquidity generating token on the Binance smart chain. However, through its transaction fee system, Cryptojet seeks to generate enough capital to acquire a ticket to space.

Cryptojet will generate capital by taking a 5% fee on every transaction. This final and non-refundable transaction fee, collected in Cryptojet (CJET), will be broken up into two parts; liquidity generation (2.5%) and space exploration (2.5%).

In regard to liquidity generation, 25% of the transaction fee is converted into Binance Coin. After conversion, the Binance Coins are coupled with 25% of the transaction fee, or more precisely with Cryptojet representing that amount, and then added to the PanCakeSwap liquidity pool.

In regard to space exploration, the remaining 50% of the transaction fee is transferred to a wallet owned and controlled by the Cryptojet team. This wallet will be used to pay for operating costs and, most importantly, the spaceflight ticket, provided that Cryptojet gains traction and succeeds in generating enough capital for such.

Funds in the space exploration wallet will be converted into Binance Coin daily in accordance with a price impact analysis.

The astronaut selection process is scheduled for Q3 2022. The physical requirements and other key information such as the projected time and date of the private spaceflight mission will be announced prior to selection.